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1st prize in the HSS Sauna Competition, 2016

"Martha" was Studio Suppanen's winning entry for the HSS-yacht club sauna competition. 1st prize was shared with our great friend Teemu Kurkela from JKMM architects. Our design for the Sauna was developed with a concept to offer a pleasant and protected sauna experience in the rather harsh and windy environment in the southern tip of Liuskasaari, an island situated just a few meters away from the southern shore of Helsinki.

Covered by a Cor-ten steel sheet the front-facing wall of the building becomes the most visible element of the sauna. It appears like a sculptural element but is in fact very functional, protecting the building against the harsh sea and wind.

The orientation of the wall and the whole building are adjusted for the optimal protection of the building against nature, but they also create a natural terrace between the sauna on one side and a massive rock formation on the other side. That way the users of the sauna have the possibility to enjoy the evening sun in a sheltered area.