Vivero, 2016

First Desk is a modern interpretation of the standard table, containing only the traditional components: two legs and one table top. Each leg is shaped from a hard-wearing, soil-repellent, recyclable plastic and includes a small shelf that can be fitted with a lamp if desired. Due to its voluminous form, the legs can also serve as a holding area for cables inside its hollow frame, neatly clearing them out of the way. Based on the table top size, First Desk is versatile as a conference table or as a mini office with the legs holding anything from lights to office supplies. In addition, removing the table top entirely can allow the legs to take on independent functions of their own as dividers, light systems, nightstands, or small occasional tables.


Soap is a lightweight chair on castors that is comfortable in all seating positions. The chair is an excellent piece for a variety of different environments as its solid wooden armrests do not restrict movement. In addition, Soap is available in a variety of options: uncovered, fully covered, or with just the seat covered.