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Everyday wedding ring

Personal project, 2003

Like many of Ilkka Suppanen’s designs, Everyday Wedding Ring has a personal story. When the concept for it was conceived, Suppanen was in a relationship with someone who had been previously married. She was never interested in remarriage. In her opinion, it was not sensible to make a promise that one might not be able to keep in the future. Suppanen was conversely much more romantic. For him, the whole point of marriage was the commitment to another despite the uncertainty of the future. One day in his studio, he wrapped some of the gold thread he had been given by textile designer Sheila Hicks around his finger. He wanted to show his girlfriend but by the time he met her in the evening, the ring had broken. Suppanen thereafter decided to make Everyday Wedding Ring with tougher thread so that he could ritually commit to his relationship every morning with it.

The final design includes a dispenser for 200 meters of thread. This gold plated thread can be wrapped around the ring finger on a daily basis, therein creating a ritual that expresses devotion and celebrates the constantly changing nature of life.