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Snowcrash, 1997

A huge media success, “Snowcrash” was a collaborative exhibition created by four young Finnish designers for the furniture fair Salon del Mobile in Milan in 1997. This exhibition team consisted of Ilkka Suppanen, Terho Teppo, Ilkka Asikainen, and Timo Salli. Even though “Snowcrash” was only intended to be the name of the exhibition, it developed into its own design company in 1999 and continued until 2003. With its innovative and experimental designs, Snowcrash made the international design world look North again.

One of the defining designs of the exhibition was Airbag, a collaboration between the Snowcrash team and the architect Pasi Kolhonen. Utilizing durable materials meant for sports equipment manufacturing, Airbag was an unconventional and versatile design object free for use both indoors and outdoors as a chair or mattress.