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Flying carpet

Cappellini, 1998

Flying Carpet for Cappellini was Ilkka Suppanen’s breakthrough product as a solo designer, quickly becoming an iconic product. In order to achieve the right combination of flexibility and strength in the sofa, it took extensive research and prototyping to find a successful form. Flying Carpet went through numerous iterations before it could even successfully hold a person, let alone its form be refined. For Suppanen, it is a statement piece representative of the sheer stubbornness and determination that characterized his youth. A flexible, springy steel structure means that Flying Carpet gently moves with the movements and contours of the body, making it as comfortable as it is striking in appearance. A single piece of thick felt is molded to form the seat and backrest in one sweeping visual statement. Flying Carpet is also practical as the lightweight steel structure can be quickly taken apart and remounted for easy transport and storage.