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Siro armchair

Woodnotes, 2013

Arenzano, Siro, and Twiggy are all the result of a shared passion for design. Ilkka Suppanen was visiting the Milan furniture fair Salon del Mobile with designer Raffaella Mangiarotti when he asked her which Nordic company she was interested in working with. Her response was Woodnotes, a design company in Finland that aimed to create artistic, creative products through the use of Finnish raw materials such as wood and paper. Later that day, the two met the director of Woodnotes and the project started. Suppanen describes their collaboration as dissimilar as the North-South axis on a map. While the two designers agree on the end result, they both have different thought processes and approaches to design. The outcome of their collaboration were these three design objects.

The Siro armchair is a natural addition to the Siro+ collection. The armrest for the armchair is made out of leather and is wrapped lightly around the chair creating beautiful curves. “We didn’t want to ruin the original Siro by designing its companions only for the sake of creating a new product. They had to have a role and a meaning".