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Everyday holy mug

Muuto, 2004

Aspiring to be an innovative Nordic design company showcasing leading designers, the start-up Muuto invited Ilkka Suppanen to produce a “generic coffee and tea cup” for them. However, it was difficult for Suppanen to immediately figure out what was generic about such a dense industry. Modern-day coffee and tea culture currently consists of a rather complex selection of drinks. For instance, a latte is characteristically very different from espresso.

Suppanen's design, Everyday Holy, is a mug that is essentially an amalgamation of these diverse drinks and practical for each one. Everyday Holy stylistically resembles two cups joined together with a smaller one below and a larger one above. No matter its contents, this multi-functional stackable mug is easy to carry, wash, and store.

On a personal note, Suppanen is very proud that he was able to be involved with Muuto at the beginning of their story.