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Galerie Maria Wettergren, 2007

Lisn, a Japanese artisan company, has sold incense for several centuries. In 2007, Lisn invited ten Finnish designers to create design proposals for incense holders. Ilkka Suppanen's design submission was Porcupine, which has since then matured into its current final design. Not only is Porcupine meant to serve its intended function as an incense holder, but it also acts as ambient light. It is a beautiful stand-alone object that effectively and poetically distributes the scent of incense in its slow release of smoke.

After the initial model was created for Lisn, Suppanen was invited by Galerie Maria Wettergren in Paris to continue working with the concept with larger 3D printed pieces. The newest version is composed of a 3D printed center and sticks made of copper instead of the original resin.